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Inline hockey is a sport that is played on a hard, smooth surface with a puck made of plastic moving at extreme speeds.  All players wear inline skates which enables them to move freely and use a hockey stick to move the puck up and down the surface. 

Inline hockey is a very fast-paced and free-flowing game. It is considered a contact sport, but body checking is prohibited.

With fewer players participating and very little stoppages in play, it allows for faster gameplay compared to ice hockey.


The aim of the game in inline hockey is to win by outscoring your opponent. This is done by putting the puck in the opponent’s net. Each goal counts for one score, and the team with the higher score at the end of the game is the winner.


- Two groups of four teams, round robin games in both groups.

- The two lower ranked teams per group compete in consolation matches against the team in the other group of the different rank (4th vs 3rd).

- Losing teams in consolation matches compete for 7th place, winners compete for 5th place.

- The two best teams from each group qualify for crossed semi-finals.

- Losing semi-finalists compete for Bronze. Winners of semi-finals match up in the finals to compete for Gold and Silver.


In The World Games, two periods of 20 minutes are played with a stopped clock when required. There is a 5-minute break between the two periods. Change of players can occur during game play and at stoppages of play. 

At the conclusion of the tied play-off match, a three (3) minute rest will be allowed, and the teams will play
- a 5-minute overtime sudden death (Round Robin)
- a 10 minutes overtime sudden death (Playoff Rounds).

If there is no goal during the overtime, there will be a shoot-out to declare the winner.

More information on the proceeding in tied games can be found in the Inline Hockey Rulebook on pp. 9-11.


There are two referees whose duties are to enforce the playing rules and game procedures. 

Unlike ice hockey, there are no blue lines or defensive zones in inline hockey. This means that, according to most rule codes, there are no offsides or icings that can occur during game play.


In The World Games, the point system for the Round Robin is as follows:

3 Points awarded to the winning team after regulation time.

2 Points awarded to the winning team in overtime or shoot-out.

1 Point awarded to the losing team in overtime or shoot-out.

0 points to the losing team after regulation time.

More information on the ranking at the end of the group stage can be found in the Inline Hockey Rulebook on p. 52.


When players do not follow the playing rules and play outside the spirit of the rules, they are penalized. They shall be removed from the playing surface for a pre-determined period of time.

Players and Game Officials should relate the playing rules and their application to the philosophy of play at every opportunity. Officials have discretion between minor and major penalties.

Rule violations such as boarding, charging, checking from behind and deliberate or intentional physical contact/checking of any kind warrant special consideration and enforcement of the playing rules in order to continue to represent the game and World Skate philosophy of play.

- Minor/Bench Minor penalties - two minutes
- Major penalties - five minutes and also have an automatic Game Misconduct added to them, which results in a suspension from further games.
- Misconduct penalties - ten minutes
- Game Misconduct penalties – involves the removal from balance of current game and suspension from next game.
- Gross Misconduct penalty – bringing the game into disrepute
- Match Penalties – Intentional or deliberate injury of opponents
- Penalty Shot – to restore a scoring opportunity denied by an infraction of the rules Goal tender penalties - they do not need to be a player from the surface to serve penalties
- Three penalties of any class results in an additional misconduct penalty
- Three stick penalties result in a game ejection (high stick, slash, cross checking, spearing and butt ending)

More information can be found Inline Hockey Rulebook on pp. 28-52 as well as pp. 59-60.

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