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K1 Style

Kickboxing is a combat sport which features kicking and punching.

K1 Style is a discipline where players must beat an opponent using legal hand and foot techniques for the purpose of scoring points. The emphasis of these rules centres around delivery, speed and technique.

The World Games 2022 will feature six K-1 rules events.


Athletes try to score more points than their opponent to win the competition. Athletes can also win by a stop before the end of the match.


- Single Elimination Draw (i.e. knockout rounds) format will be used.

- 8 athletes per gender will compete in the first round (quarter-finals) as per the draws made.

- Winning athletes will advance to the semi-finals and finals.

- Losing semi-finalists compete for the bronze medal, if they didn’t lose by knock-out. Winning semi-finalists compete for Gold and Silver.


The duration of a bout is 3 rounds of 2 minutes each, with a break of 1 minute.

To be registered as point hand or foot technique, these must be done with full power, landed on the legal target area, from adequate distance and balance. Every hand or foot technique is scored as 1 point.

Victories can be reached by points, abandonment, stoppage or disqualification.


Both audience and coaches can follow the scoring on screens all time. However, the acting judges cannot see the scoring during the bout in order to ensure full neutrality.

Every bout is scored by three judges who register points (one hit, one point) and one referee in the ring who is controlling the athletes' actions according to the rules.

Allowed hand techniques: punches (all boxing repertoire), back fist and spinning back fist, clinching with two hands around neck not longer than 5 seconds but throwing only 1 knee kick to the body or head.
Prohibited hand techniques: elbow strikes, open hand, grabs the opponent leg, knife-hand, head-buts, thumb and shoulder.

Allowed kick techniques: low kick, middle kick, high kick, front kick, sidekick, spinning kick and also knee kick.
Prohibited foot techniques: to perform front kick to the front side of the thigh, knee and shin.

Allowed target areas: head (front and side), torso (frond and side), leg (all part inside and outside, except the knee).
Prohibited target areas: back of the head, throat, back (spin area), lower abdomen, kidneys, hips, groin.

The decisions can be reached in the following ways:

- Victory by points (P): At the end of a bout, the kickboxer who has obtained a victory by the decision of the majority of judges is declared the winner. If both fighters are injured or KO and cannot continue the fight, judges will mark the points obtained by each fighter to that point, and the fighter ahead by points will be declared the winner.

- Victory by abandonment (AB): If a kickboxer voluntarily gives up, due to an injury or any other reason, or if they fail to continue the fight after the one-minute break between the rounds, their opponent will be declared the winner.

- Victory by stoppage (RSC, RSC-H): If the Referee acknowledges that the fighter is unable to continue the fight, due to an injury or any other physical reason, the fight will be stopped, and their opponent will be declared the winner. The right to make such a decision is incumbent upon the Referee, who can consult the doctor.

- Victory by disqualification (DISQ): If a kickboxer is disqualified, their opponent will be declared the winner. If both kickboxers are disqualified, the decision will be announced accordingly.


A score is awarded when a legal technique is performed to the following criteria to the legal scoring area.

- Good Form (good technique with absolute balance).
- Vigorous Application (full power and speed).
- Awareness (total concentration and not turning away the head during delivery of the technique).
- Good Timing and Correct Distance (when technique has the most potential effect).
- Sporting Attitude (non-malicious attitude during delivery of technique).


All penalties according to violations of the rules made by athlete or his coach are given by Referee in the ring.

- First violation of the rules - official warning
- Second violation of the rules - deduction of -1 point
- Third violation of the rules - deduction of -1 point
- Fourth violation of the rules - disqualification

A disqualified kickboxer cannot receive any reward, medal, trophy, any honorary award, grade or title of the competition in the course of which they have been disqualified, no matter what the reason was for the disqualification - scale of penalty or unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Athletes and Teams to watch out for

Monika Chochlíková (SVK) will compete in Muaythai and Kickboxing.

Henrikas Viksraitis, He will be fighting in -75kg men K1. Henrikas is the first ever kickboxer from Lithuania to be at The World Games, which gives him extra honor to represent the country. His life was very tough, in childhood his family was very poor and he did't have good living conditions. He lost his mother when he was a baby, and was left to be raised by his father alone. He has two older brothers, both of them were small kids at that time, so the fate played very bitterly with all four of them.

Even in the kindergarten and in school the situation wasn't better: he has to fight for himself, because he was bullied by the children who didn't understand what does it mean to live in such tough conditions.

In his 16, he moved from small town to the capital Vilnius where he discovered kickboxing. Today, Henrikas is one of the most famous kickboxers in Lithuania. He has many fans, he has sponsorships (one of the biggest are  Sportland, Adidas), and also he is working as a coach.

He trains a lot, trains hard.

He has a family - a wife, two daughters and a dog Bite.

The most of his time he spend with his family, enjoying his loving daughters. He has one hobby - barbering! He likes to barber his friends and also himself :D

Henrikas was nominated for the title The Most Stylish Martial Arts Athlete in Lituania, and sometimes he is invited to be a model for various fashion events. 

Life is not easy, but he appreciates everything what he has and gained in life, appreciates the tough and the good times. Only with positive life attitude, one can move further. So like Henrikas.

Appearances in TWG 2017 Yes
Title holders in TWG 2017

52kg Women

  3. Si Long TAM (CHN)

56kg Women

  1. Sandra MASKOVA (CZE)
  2. Seda Duygu AYGUN (TUR)
  3. Malgorzata DYMUS (POL)

60kg Women

  1. Marta WALICZEK (POL)
  3. Nabila TABIT (MAR)

63.5kg Men

  1. Orfan SANANZADE (UKR)
  2. Aleksandar KONOVALOV (SRB)
  3. Muhamet DESKAJ (CRO)

65kg Women

  1. Sarel de JONG (NED)
  2. Teodora MANIC (SRB)
  3. Veronika CMAROVA (SVK)

67kg Men

  1. Slobodan MIJAJLOVIC (SRB)
  2. Jason HINDS (CAN)
  3. Wojciech KAZIECZKO (POL)

71kg Men

  1. Vitalii DUBINA (UKR)
  2. Bogdan SHUMAROV (BUL)
  3. Itai GERSHON (ISR)

75kg Men

  1. Zakaria LAAOUATNI (FRA)
  2. Michal RONKIEWICZ (POL)
  3. Datsi DATSIEV (RUS)

81kg Men

  1. Aleksandar MENKOVIC (SRB)
  2. Aleksandar PETROV (BUL)
  3. Omari BOYD (USA)

86kg Men

  1. Dawid KASPERSKI (POL)
  2. Mesud SELIMOVIC (BIH)
  3. Omid NOSRATI (IRI)

91kg Men

  2. Mateusz PLUTA (POL)
  3. Pavel VORONIN (MDA)

91kg+ Men

  1. Hamdi SAYGILI (TUR)
  3. Michal TURYNSKI (POL)
Qualified athletes with results in past TWG
  • Vitalii DUBINA(UKR): 1. in TWG2017
  • Orfan SANANZADE(UKR): 1. in TWG2017
  • Melissa MARINEZ ACEVES(MEX): 2. in TWG2017
  • Monika CHOCHLIKOVA(SVK): 2. in TWG2017
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