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Muaythai is a combat sport that utilises stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It is known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it is characterised by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. Muaythai is often a fighting art of attrition, where opponents exchange blows with one another.

Almost all techniques in Muaythai use the entire body movement, rotating the hip with each kick, punch, elbow and block.

The foundations of muaythai is built on five important pillars; Tradition, Respect, Honour, Excellence & Fairplay.


An athlete wins the round when utilizing more scoring Muaythai skills than the opponent. After three bouts, the athlete who has been awarded more points by a majority of judges shall be declared the winner.


- Each event will start at the quarter-final stage.
- Winners of the fights advance to the semi-finals and finals.
- Losing semi-finalists compete for Bronze. Winning semi-finalists compete for Gold and Silver.


Before a match fighters participate in a small pre-fight ritual called a Wai Kru in order to pay respects to their teacher, their gym, and to all those who have helped along the athletes' journey. More information can be found here.

Each of the 3 rounds contested is 3 minutes long, with a one-minute break in between. At the end of each round, the better performing athlete receives 10 points. The losing athlete may receive 9/8/7 points for a round based on his/her performance in that round. If athletes are equal in merit, both receive 10 points. Even before the end of the third bout, an athlete can be declared a winner.

There are 5 regular ways a match might be decided, including
- Win on Points (WP)
- Win by Referee Stops Contest (RSC)
- Win by Knock-Out (KO)
- Win by Retirement (RET)
- Win by Disqualification (DQ)


Athletes are allowed to punch, kick, knee or elbow with force to land on target. The target for Muaythai means any part of the body except the groin. The gloves, forearms, foot, and shin are not scoring targets, unless a strike is applied with enough force to affect a scoring target (e.g. a high kick against the gloves of a blocking opponent off-balances the target.)

One referee will be in charge of each fight. Information on referees and judges can be found here.


Each round shall be scored individually, in which at least one Athlete shall be awarded 10 points. No fraction of points may be given.

A Muaythai skill is a punch, kick, knee or elbow applied with force and intent to cause effect. One score will be awarded for each Muaythai skill that strikes against a scoring target without being blocked, guarded against, or infringing the rules. 

To learn more about awarding of points and decisions, click here.


The athlete will have their number of total points reduced by one (1) for each warning received if the Judges are in agreement with the warning.

More information on warnings can be found here.

Athletes and Teams to watch out for

Monika Chochlíková will compete in Muaythai and Kickboxing.

Appearances in TWG 2017 Yes
Title holders in TWG 2017

51 kg Women

  1. Bui YEN LI (VIE)
  2. Apasara KOSON (THA)
  3. Janet TODD (USA)

54 kg Men

  1. Elaman SAYASATOV (KAZ)
  2. Kevin MARTINEZ (ESP)
  3. Aslanbek ZIKREEV (RUS)

54 kg Women

  1. Sofia OLOFSSON (SWE)
  2. Valeriya DROZDOVA (RUS)
  3. Meltem BAS (TUR)

57 kg Men

  1. Wiwat KHAMTHA (THA)
  2. Aleksandr ABRAMOV (RUS)

60 kg Women

  1. Svetlana VINNIKOVA (RUS)
  2. Gia WINBERG (FIN)
  3. Nili BLOCK (ISR)

63.5 kg Men

  3. Oskar SIEGERT (POL)

67 kg Men

  1. Serhii KULIABA (UKR)
  2. Vladimir KUZMIN (RUS)

71 kg Men

  1. Suppachai MUENSANG (THA)
  2. Masoud MINAEI (IRI)
  3. Gabrielle David MAZZETTI (PER)

75 kg Men

  1. Vital HURKOU (BLR)
  2. Vasyl SOROKIN (UKR)
  3. Ivan GRIGOREV (RUS)

81 kg Men

  1. Ali DOGAN (TUR)
  2. Constantino NANGA (SWE)
  3. Mikita SHOSTAK (BLR)

91 kg Men

  2. Lukasz RADOSZ (POL)
  3. Jakub KLAUDA (CZE)
Qualified athletes with results in past TWG
  • Nili BLOCK(ISR): 3. in TWG2017
  • Igor LIUBCHENKO(UKR): 1. in TWG2017
  • Oleh PRYIMACHOV(UKR): 1. in TWG2017
  • Gabriela KUZAWINSKA(POL): 4. in TWG2017
  • Jakub KLAUDA(CZE): 3. in TWG2017
  • Anueng KHATTHAMARASRI(THA): 3. in TWG2017
  • Almaz SARSEMBEKOV(KAZ): 3. in TWG2017
  • Monika CHOCHLIKOVA(SVK): 2. in TWG2017
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