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Racquetball is a racket and ball sport played by two players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. The players alternate in striking the ball with their rackets onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court.

Racquetball appears similar to another sport in The World Games programme, i.e. Squash. Main differences between the two sports concern the ball, racket and court dimensions. An important distinction between the rules of Squash and Racquetball is the use of the ceiling as a playing surface, which is allowed in Racquetball but not allowed in Squash.


The objective of the game is to hit the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to play a valid return, and therefore to score a point.

Each game is played to 15 points, with win by one (1) point.

A match is won by the first side winning three games (Best of five).


- 16 athletes (of each gender) will compete in the first round (Round of 16) in a knockout format.

- Single Elimination Draw (i.e. knockout rounds) format will be used.

- No consolation matches will be played.

- Winning athletes will compete in the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals.

- Two losing semi-finalists compete for the bronze medal. Two winning semi-finalists compete for Gold and Silver.


Opponents play side-by-side with the objective of returning the ball to the front wall before allowing it to bounce twice on the floor.

As play begins, the serving player must bounce the ball on the floor once and hit it directly to the front wall, ensuring that the ball hits the floor beyond the short line. Players alternate hitting the ball. The player returning may allow the ball to bounce twice, once, or hit the ball on the fly. However, once the player returning the shot has hit the ball, it must strike the front wall before striking the floor.

The first four (4) games will be played to 15 points, win by one (1) point. If a fifth (tiebreaker) game is necessary, it will be played to 11 points, win by two (2) points. The time between games will be two (2) minutes.


There is a limit of two (2) appeals as well as one (1) time-out per game.


The ball is allowed to touch one side wall — but not two — prior to hitting the floor. Unlike the serve, a ball in play may touch as many walls — including the ceiling — as necessary, so long as it reaches the front wall without striking the floor.

Athletes and Teams to watch out for

Rhonda Rajsich

Professional Racquetball Player

Career Highlights

12x National Singles Champion (record)

11x Female Athlete of the Year

4x US Open Champion

4x World #1 Pro Player

4x Pan American Champion

3x National Doubles Champion

2x World Singles Champion

Rhonda Rajsich is an accomplished athlete in racquetball, having reached several milestones in her career as a professional. Rhonda started out playing racquetball at the tender age of 2, as her father had picked up the sport and took her to the gym while he played.  She grew up playing a bit of everything, but focused on racquetball and basketball throughout her youth and young-adulthood. Rajsich was also a decorated basketball player, earning top honours and achievements in high school, which earned her a full-ride scholarship to a Division I school in east Texas, Stephen F. Austin, to play basketball for the Ladyjacks. Rhonda intended to play professional basketball in the WNBA, and certainly had the opportunities to do so, but when she qualified for a spot on the US TEAM for racquetball she refocused her efforts.  She decided to give racquetball her full attention and try out the Pro Tour (LPRA at the time) for a year, and then decide if she would stay in racquetball or return to her hopes of professional basketball.  Just three months into her first pro season, Rhonda made the finals of her first US Open, taking out the #1 player in the world along the way.  At the end of that rookie season, Rajsich was ranked #3 in the world, and has not looked back.  She has sustained a Top-5 position in the world rankings for her entire professional career, and achieved #1 in the world for 4 consecutive seasons.

Rhonda’s passion and love of sport is without question, as is her enjoyment in sharing the experiences and camaraderie of competition and travel.  She does countless exhibitions, clinics, appearances, autograph signings, and motivational speeches throughout the year, and goes above and beyond to help create an “experience” to remember, to inspire, and to enjoy.  Always entertaining, Rhonda has a way of truly engaging and energizing a crowd. Her dynamic yet humble personality and jaw-dropping abilities have made Rhonda Rajsich a remarkable model of all that is right in sport.

Appearances in TWG 2013 Yes
Appearances in TWG 2009 Yes
Appearances in TWG 1993 Yes
Appearances in TWG 1985 Yes
Appearances in TWG 1981 Yes
Title holders in TWG 2013

Single Men

  2. Gilberto MEJIA (MEX)
  3. Rocky CARSON (USA)

Single Women

  1. Paola LONGORIA (MEX)
  2. Cristina AMAYA (COL)
  3. Rhonda RAJSICH (USA)
Title holders in TWG 2009

Single Men

  1. Jack HUCZEK (USA)
  2. Rocky CARSON (USA)
  3. Vincent GAGNON (CAN)

Single Women

  1. Paola LONGORIA (MEX)
  2. Rhonda RAJSICH (USA)
  3. Angela GRISAR (CHI)
Title holders in TWG 1993

Single Men

  1. Michael BRONFELD (USA)
  2. John ELLIS (USA)
  3. Shereman GREENFELD (CAN)

Single Women

  1. Michelle GOULD (USA)
  2. Malia BAILEY (USA)
Title holders in TWG 1985

Single Men

  1. Andrew ROBERTS (USA)

Single Women

  1. Cindy BAXTER (USA)
  2. Carol DUPUY (CAN)
  3. Crystal FRIED (CAN)
Title holders in TWG 1981

Double Men

  1. Team USA
  2. Team MEX
  3. Team NED

Double Women

  1. Team USA
  2. Team NED
  3. Team MEX

Single Men

  2. Mark MARTINO (USA)
  3. Martin PADILLA (MEX)

Single Women

  1. Cindy BAXTER (USA)
  3. Betsy MASSIE (USA)
Qualified athletes with results in past TWG
  • Paola LONGORIA(MEX): 1. in TWG2013, 1. in TWG2009
  • Rhonda RAJSICH(USA): 3. in TWG2013, 2. in TWG2009
  • Cristina AMAYA(COL): 2. in TWG2013
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